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As an advertising agency, McMillan Design Group creates single ads or entire advertising campaigns. If a publication provides agency commissions, we pass that savings on to our clients.

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p#4_MayflowerBecause a reader spends so little time digesting the meaning of an ad our advertising designs are usually very simple, easy to understand and quite often humorous.

Layout 1The objective is to engage and enlighten so the reader will remember our client and our client’s product or service.




Layout 1p#4_CBUSA_CorksOn occasion it is necessary to provide detail, especially in trade publications, catalogs, wherever description or explanation is beneficial. A headline or an important photo or illustration is helpful to get the reader’s attention or create a question.

p#4_RedStarThe purpose of an advertisement is to promote name recognition unless it is to announce time-sensitive sales, showings, etc.

Each ad for a product or service is designed and developed to
convey our client’s important message. We have many tools to
create a successful advertising campaign.